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TRIAX 2003 by Mike Tyler Jr

HPC 2000 ARM
(Jornada 720)




HPC PRO 2.11 SH3

HPC PRO 2.11 SH4

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Welcome to my TRIAX game page. This page is a description of an addictive, multilevel problem-solving game for the HP/COMPAQ Jornada.

Right now, the game is available for download for the JORNADA 720 handheld PC.

I am looking for beta testers for the game, for the Jornada 620LX, 660, 690, and 728 handhelds (which I do not have myself, to verify that it works)

If you want to be the first person to try this game as a beta tester on one of these platforms, email me at


 TRIAX is a game of Triangles.  The object of TRIAX is to try and locate all the RED Triangles on a board, mark them, and clear the rest of the board, in the fastest time possible. So for that sounds like just a weird version of Minesweeper, huh? 

Well not so fast.

 There are many different types of triangles, and each gives you different types of information about where neighboring 'Reds' are. There are triangles that tell you how many "Reds" are adjacent to each side, some that tell you how many are adjacent to ALL sides, some that dont give all their information right away, some that actually LIE to you, and some that only give you a general idea. The fun and challenge is to quickly put together different kinds of information together to determine where the "Reds" are.

There are FIFTEEN levels of difficulty, from a simple board with simply triangles, through many slightly more and more difficult boards until you get to level 15, the most difficult of all.  As skill level increases, more types of triangles will be introduced. An expert player can clear the simplest boards in less than 15-20 seconds. The more difficult levels will take many attempts and much longer.

(Screenshot of a TRIAX game in progress)

(A screen shot of a slightly easier level)

(High Score Explosion!)

Each type of triangle has its own sound effect, which both helps the player recognize the type of triangle he is revealing, as well as make for an entertaining game. Every sound is customizable with any .wav file you have on your device. Many interesting sound files are included.

(You can customize all the sound features)

Information Dialogs give the user summaries of the information that each of the many types of triangles provide - some sample screen shots are provided below.


You may also pause your game, and this will cover your screen (so no analyzing the board while it is paused - that would be cheating!)

(Game is Paused)

The fastest times for each level are recorded, along with the name, and a comment by the player. At the beginning of each level, the fastest player to date and their times for the level is displayed.

(High Score List)

Marking "Reds" can be done either by holding the shift key down, or, for those that want to avoid using the keyboard entirely, dragging a small icon over with the pointer.

(Dragging the 'Marking Icon' over onto the board)

(You lose! Screenshot)


(Close up of Scoreboard/Timer - indicates how many of each Triangle are on the current level, how many Reds and Non Reds remain, and how much time has elapsed.)

Download the Demo now for free. The Demo will run for 15 days. After that the cost to register is is just $12.95. Support Software Authors for Jornadas! More games to come!